Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wanted: A marriage made in heaven

Choosing a car to buy is a bit like choosing someone to marry. You look at all the options available. You try to decide on one that is the best 'fit' in terms of lifestyle, income bracket, personal principles, etc. (Hybrid or electric, anyone?) You ask yourself whether you can stand to look at it and drive around in it every day for the rest of its natural life. You hope that after purchasing, the shininess won't suddenly wear off, only to reveal a lemon -- thus breaking your heart and making for a very difficult relationship. All these things come into play.

On the other hand, you're prepared for the fact that some maintenance will be involved, and you know you're going to have to fork out wads of cash at various times. It's something you accept as a foregone conclusion when you have a car. But in the end, you tend to buy the car that attracts you the most, the one you fall in love with... if you can afford it, of course. Sometimes you even buy it against your better judgement, like when people pour money into an old junk that's mostly running on a wing and a prayer.

On the part of the car, this is more like an arranged marriage since it doesn't have much say in whom it gets to marry. Still, it's willing to do its best to help you in any way it can, as long as you don't abuse it. It's proud to be chosen and hopes you will be a good fit for it as well. These things don't go only one way, you know!

Plus, being a machine, it knows it has a few minor quirks or, um, issues that you're going to find out about later, but it hopes you'll continue to love it anyway. No relationship is completely smooth, and no one is perfect, so this is perfectly normal, right? It figures that's something you'll have to deal with and adjust to, just like it'll have to adjust to the fact that you like to, oh, I don't know, take corners at 80kph... It's also expecting that you'll work at the relationship -- regular maintenance and servicing is a must to ensure a state of harmony -- but the rewards are great, and the fun you'll both have together--!

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