Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Goldfish ain't as dim as you think

Blink said something about a goldfish's memory to me when I met up with him for dinner on Sunday: he said the goldfish has such a short-term memory that by the time it has swum round the bowl, it's forgotten that it's right back where it started.

Intrigued, I asked the all-knowing, almighty Google. Turns out Blink's version is a myth; it seems scientists now believe that goldfish have a memory span of up to three months. The Mythbusters team on Discovery Channel even trained a goldfish to navigate a maze or obstacle course!

I know this is not very exciting news, but it's probably way more exciting to you guys than listing the pros & cons of every car I've test driven over the past two weeks. I've been breathing, eating, drinking, and dreaming of cars, and I still haven't decided which one to buy!

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Josue Habana said...

It's almost a shame that they do have a 3 month memory span... so many of them are in little bowls that, if they only had a memory span of 6 seconds, it might not be so bad to swim round and round and round.

After 3 months of "hey this looks familiar, ah this route is definitely familiar, I have definitely swam here before..." I imagine the poor little fishie would be fairly bored.