Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How times have changed!

I'm not sure what to feel about VideoEgg acquiring Six Apart. I've used Movable Type ever since my original blog moved away from Blogger in June 2003. Recently I switched to Wordpress because MT has been getting more & more complicated and bloated. Used to be I could fiddle with the template and easily make some minor changes to customise things, but now the template is so complex I can't even find the thing I want to change, let alone figure out how to change it. Even Erna complained that MT was too difficult to configure and kept trying to get me to switch to WP so that I wouldn't bug her so much about all the things that weren't functioning properly on my blog :p

Still, to know that things are changing with MT... even though users have been assured that development and support will still continue... it kinda makes me a bit sad.

I'm not sentimental about my car, but I'm sentimental about my (ex)blogging platform. I can't believe this.

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Anonymous said...

i totally agree with your response. some things are never sentimental; others, o well, what can us mere mortals do else? :-)

i cant believe some of the things i am going through as well.