Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Choose thy drug wisely

    Several psychologists regard romantic love as an addiction because it shows addiction characteristics such as the lover's intensely focused attention on a preferred individual, mood swings, craving, obsession, compulsion, distortion of reality, emotional dependence, personality changes, risk-taking, and loss of self-control. Romantic love is likely to be a constructive form of addiction when one's love is returned but a destructive form of addiction when one's love is rejected.
    Reward, Addiction, and Emotion Regulation Systems Associated With Rejection in Love by Helen E. Fisher, Lucy L. Brown, Arthur Aron, Greg Strong, and Debra Mashek



Anonymous said...

qua, qua, qua :-p

YeePei said...

Romantic love is a delusion. As in... a fixed FALSE belief. You secretly love the cynic in me, yes you do... ;-)

Sunflower said...

@Yee Pei - you have a fixed false belief in your bf? kekekekekeke