Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ba da BING!

Note: For context, see here. (You won't be lost if you don't, though.)
Mr TDH: I would never have taken a title like The Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing to be an outdoor back-to-nature book.

Me: Really? Why not?

Mr TDH: *giving me superior male look* Hunting and fishing are two completely different things.

Me: But you go into the jungle to hunt and there are lakes in the jungle, so you can fish...

Mr TDH: *facepalms* You did NOT just go there.

Me: Sorry lor I'm not all that fond of the outdoors!

Mr TDH: I can tell.


Caedmon said...

I'm a guy who spends a lot of time in the wilderness. I understand there may be some geological differences between Malaysia and the Pacific Northwest US that could cause some of the differences in attitude, but out here at least, hunting and fishing regularly appear in the same breath and such a title makes perfect sense.

I'd say Mr TDH is just being daft, but won't, because I don't know him and he's probably reading this comment and while I mean it only in fun, I don't need to be a jerk to a guy I haven't even met. :P

Sunflower said...

Don't look now, Caedmon, but I think you did say it :p

I feel so vindicated now though! Like phew I wasn't being a silly female! hehe

YeePei said...

Tell Mr TDH that since both hunting and fishing involve human beings getting hold of wildlife... they go together. There.

And after that, give him a hug from me please... :D

Mr. TDH said...

hunting = keeping quiet while hunting prey.
fishing = keeping quiet while hunting fish.

I can see why there's confusion.

suffice to say, if the title of the book makes sense to you, please spend more time outdoors, and less indoors.

I said it wouldn't be in the same book, partly cos of the first part, 'The girl's guide to (a largely male-dominated activity) hunting AND fishing' ... was so obviously a play on words.

Sunflower said...

@YeePei: I think he is not conceding the point... *looks at his comment above*

@Mr TDH: It wasn't obvious to me! If the outdoors is a nice 21°C, bring it on... but without mosquitoes and leeches and other assorted creepy-crawlies, please :p

YeePei said...

Sometimes, a good hug does the trick... did you pass that on or not? :P

Sunflower said...

Of course I did! In virtual fashion xD