Monday, September 6, 2010

Time to practice drawing! :p


By Edward Monkton

Saw this as I was browsing at the MPH Bookstore warehouse sale over the weekend. It made me laugh. And it's so different from the usual cynical take on things!

It also made me think, hey, I'm sure I could do something like this... and if Edward Monkton can make a living drawing & writing such books, I should be able to do it too! I mean, people are actually willing to pay upwards of RM31.90 for this? After all, it's more or less just a picture book... it's funny and cute and uplifting, but I don't know if I'd consider it worth RM31.90, which is about the same price as a full-length paperback novel.

On the other hand, Monkton has other revenue streams as he also does greeting cards and writes children's books under his actual name, Giles Andreae. It's encouraging to find a self-proclaimed "poet, artist, philosopher, interesting fellow" who's able make a comfortable living doing what he enjoys most. Isn't that what each of us wishes for ourselves?
Andreae: I'm a writer who draws

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