Saturday, August 7, 2010

Who can fathom it?

I was just talking with django about moissanite, or rather he was talking to me about it -- small but important distinction :p  Moissanite? What's that? I had to look it up on google. Turns out it's a man-made diamond, or rather an synthetic diamond. Isn't language interesting? I could just as well have said 'fake diamond' but 'synthetic' sounds so much better!

What caught my interest was reading that this rock (crystal? gem?) is more sparkly than a diamond. An article I read said moissanite possesses a higher refractive index or brilliance (the sparkle) than a diamond at 2.65 to the diamond's 2.42... and also more fire or dispersion (the flashes) with .104 next to the diamond's measly .044. Plus it's almost as hard as the diamond, a 9.24 to the diamond's 10 on the Mohs relative hardness scale -- the second hardest jewel on the planet.

Amazing the things man can conjure up and create, don't you think? I wonder how many people look at the world around them and realise that in the modern world, nearly everything around us is created by human minds and hands. To me it's a miracle that we can work in offices 20 stories off the ground, drive around in what amounts to a metal box on wheels powered by some complex system (hey, it's complex to me!) -- things we take for granted every day. I wonder if architects ever get a sense of awe when they're drawing up plans for a house or office building... if engineers ever marvel when they're involved in setting up overhead train tracks for the inner-city train system. It's like creating something so much bigger than yourself, just sort of pulling it out of your mind or putting it together with your tools. Poof! You have this fantastic creation sitting on acres of land, being used by thousands of people.

That we have gone from swaths of land filled with jungle to vast regions covered by modern-day cities with skyscrapers and highways is... quite unbelievable. It's almost as if all this was created from nothing and sprang out of nowhere. Yes, I know we're building on hundreds, if not thousands of years of discovery, experimentation and study. It didn't really come from nowhere, nor did it appear overnight. But what I mean is, we're constantly discovering things we didn't even know were there to discover, going ever deeper into levels of complexity that no one could have imagined were even there to explore. I doubt we've even scraped the surface of what we can do, know, think, imagine.

If this is what we are capable of, what must God's mind be like? That really, really, really boggles mine.

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