Friday, August 27, 2010

It's hard work being this attractive

This Questionable Content strip reminded me of the impossible time I have trying to choose new spectacle frames. I'm hopelessly myopic, so much so that my parents could sit across the table from me and I wouldn't be able to recognise them without my glasses on. So imagine me slipping on a pair of frames at the optometrists' and squinting into a mirror one inch away from my nose.

It's sheer coincidence that none of my glasses so far have sucked or made me look like Medusa or something.


BP said...

Medusa never wore glasses. But probably because you seem to carry many spectacle frames so well.

Speaking of which, it'll soon be time to make my replacement pair.

Sunflower said...

Both my cousins (18 & 22) just had laser surgery and no longer need to wear glasses... their dad offered to do it for me too (he's an opthamologist) but he was upfront about the possible risks and I'm not sure I care enough to want to go through with it. Glasses are a part of my life by now.

Caedmon said...

I wear contacts occasionally. The astigmatism is too strong in both eyes to see perfectly with them, so I only wear them when I'm away from books and writing - which isn't often. Probably the only reason I keep them around is to wear them when I try on new frames. Without them, I wouldn't be able to see the man in the mirror, either.

Sunflower said...

I've never tried contacts - have high astig and high myopia so the combination means I'd have to wear semi-hard lenses, which didn't sound like a comfortable proposition! Also they are too much work. I am low-maintenance (you can read "lazy" :p).