Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Birthday birthday birthday!!! *virtual cartwheels*

It's my birthday! So now you know why the trippy post yesterday. *grins*  I love birthdays... even though they're often accompanied by just a teensy dash of melancholy -- but this year there is nothing to mar my delight and I'm just so happy! *twirls around*

32 sounds like a good number, doesn't it? I've always liked even numbers for some reason. 30 was too portentious, like "oh my God I'm no longer in my 20s", but 32 is really nice. If it were a person, it'd be wriggling its bottom and settling more comfortably into its seat, closing its eyes and contemplating the next 8 years with a contented smile on its face.

I do know I'm totally overanalysing, but I don't care. It's my birthday! :p

One of the reasons I love my birthday is that in recent years it's become a time to celebrate life... my life, specifically (d'oh, who else's, right?). It's a time when I look back and marvel at how faithful God has been to me. After all these years, to have reached a place of contentment and to be at peace with who I am -- that's a very precious thing. I highly recommend the 30s: you're more comfortable in your own skin, you're not as much of an ass or as silly and giddy as you were before, and although it's balanced by financial responsibilities and having to be all grown up, there are ample compensations. Ample.

Summary: God is good, I feel very blessed, life is wonderful, and it's my birthday!! *twirls around some more*


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Hippo birdie, two ewes.
Hippo birdie, two ewes.
Hippo birdie deer ewe.
Hippo birdie two ewes.