Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sorceror's Apprentice

A bit surreal hearing a character say a line in a foreign language during an English movie... and understanding exactly what he said.

Balthazar: Tau fa ho leng.
Old Chinese lady: Oh, you speak Mandarin!

Me: *leaning over to friend & whispering* That's not Mandarin, that's Cantonese!

Balthazar: *whacks the old lady into a wall* That was Cantonese, Horvath.

*grins* I'm by no means a pro at either of the languages but I know in Mandarin it would've been "Ni de tou fa hen mei" ;)

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BP said...

Someone misread the movie's title on the billboard as "Sorcerer's Appetite"... Hint: It wasn't me.