Thursday, October 28, 2010

Single-handedly redeeming all women

I'm a bit obsessive about my parking. I absolutely refuse to park senget (crooked) because I will NOT give anybody the opportunity to say, "No wonderlah -- it's a lady driver." I'm determined not to fit the stereotype.

Seriously, there is no reason why a woman shouldn't be able to drive (and park) just as competently as a man. It irritates me a lot that so many of them don't, to the extent that my entire gender is now tainted by this... this... notion of ineptness!


Ted Mahsun said...

Meh. Guys drive (and park) badly as well. It's more a Malaysian thing than a gender thing (imho hohoho).

Sunflower said...

But you'd never see any other Malaysian guy admitting this! lol

jeyadev said...

i've admitted it... so do many Malaysian men I know. sometimes i just don't care.

Sunflower said...

I must be meeting all the wrong men :p

Anonymous said...

parking senget — its OCD, not gender issue :-)

Julian said...

Actually, I've recently discovered that it's a Sarawak thing.

Been here in Kuching for over a month now, and everyone - I mean EVERYONE - parks senget. That's both men & women, gender be damned.

Took me a week to get used to it, I used to think "What a waste of white paint! Might as well just do away with the parking bay lines!"

Now? I just park senget all the way - you know the saying, "When in Rome..."

God help me when I get back to KL !