Saturday, October 16, 2010


"You have to let go of your megalomania."

You see, I already had a bit of my music organised into nice little folders on my hard drive.


Omg it's all jumbled up now! was my first thought upon importing the songs to iTunes.

"iTunes sorts your music on your hard drive by artist. For it to be effective, you've got to let it do what it was designed to do," another friend advised.

"But I want it to be sorted by genre!" I protested. I mean, to me the genre is more important coz you have jazzy moods, rap moods, instrumental moods, pop ballad moods... you know what I mean.

"Sort them into playlists on iTunes."

"But I want to also be able to find them on my hard drive!"

"You can't have both!"

That's where the "megalomania" comment came in... but but but it's MY music! How can puny iTunes prevent me from organising it the way I want! *stomps foot, crosses arms, sticks nose in the air and pouts*

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