Saturday, October 30, 2010

Le crowning glory

Despite my secret suspicions that all shampoo bottles contain the same thing, no matter what they claim, I put a great deal of effort into choosing my shampoo. I want one that is just right for me. The problem is, when I find a shampoo I like, by the time it runs out the brand has reworked its formulae, repackaged, re-whatevered, and generally my shampoo doesn't exist any longer.

Also, judging by the range of shampoos available, I am the only Malaysian with hair that has a tendency to be oily. I mean seriously there is a shampoo for every other hair condition out there -- dry/damaged hair, dandruff problems, brittle hair, frizzy hair, long hair, coloured hair -- but none for oily scalp. I feel like the shampoo companies are discriminating against me!!!


BP said...

Have you tried Seba-Med, O Discriminated One? 8-) But that's too "specialist".

I remember one brand had an oily scalp formula, but I can't recall anymore. My scalp's kind of oily too.

Worse comes to worse, just use baby shampoo, pretty "neutral" selection. I'm switching to that once my existing shampoos run out.

Sunflower said...

I use Seba-Med shower oil, but find the shampoo too strong. What I need is something that will counteract the greasiness but not dry my hair out. Tough to get that middle ground :)

Flo Flo said...

mine is oily too so i just do regular washing ie once a day.

according to the staff at my facial centre(s), my face is prone to become oily because it's dry in the first place and therefore the skin needs to constantly produce something in the attempt to moisturize it, in this case, oil.

i wonder if the same principle applies to our scalp, ie our hair is oily because it's too dry and therefore our skin produces oil to moisturize it. I know my hair is dry so i try to use moisturizing conditioner. i hope it helps?