Saturday, October 2, 2010

Now, that's talent!

One of my Twitter contacts linked to this video. I cannot imagine how the artist did that! Painting on a surface where you can see what you're doing is hard enough, let alone painting on yourself where you can't really see what's happening... and the awkward angle of holding the brush... good grief!

Another friend posted about a different piece of art yesterday. Am getting the itch to create...

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siehjin said...

yup some people are just phenomenally talented.

when i was a kid i used to watch this show, Art Attack. not sure if you've seen if before. at the end of the show, the guy would do some huge piece of art.

i remember there was one episode where he was throwing money around, seemingly randomly, but when the camera zoomed out to give a birds-eye view of what he was doing it turned out to be a giant picture of queen elizabeth. how on earth did he do that?!? no idea. =)