Thursday, October 21, 2010

Reasons. I need reasons.

Spent three hours today getting my car windows tinted. Before I bought this car, I always thought tinting was a sign of vanity; another way to "dress up" your car, so to speak. But now I've discovered that the tinted film can block infrared rays, keeping your car cooler... it can even prevent your window from breaking -- the glass will shatter, but the film continues to hold the whole panel in place.

So it seems worthwhile to do.

Aesthetics are only important to me up to a point. I've never liked the shape of the MyVi (bulky, with lots of bulging curves) but I might have bought it if I'd been happy with the way it handles. Having said that, I'm quite relieved I had a good reason not to buy it. I love my little Satria Neo ♥

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Anonymous said...

some tints stop uv rays as well and that should help with vanity :-)