Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tech news and gripes from the Sunflower.

Some geeky stuff to bore all my poor long-suffering readers to tears:

  1. My system tray is sending up an "Ethernet: A network cable is unplugged" pop-up every 10 seconds or so. It is BLOODY ANNOYING. I unchecked the notifications thingy in Network Connection - Properties but it is still doing that. If the connection is dropping, it seems to be recovering fast because I don't notice any problems surfing the Net. Not sure if it is something I ought to be worried about.

  2. PC reformats are so annoying. The Asus PQ5L motherboard comes bundled with Realtek ALC1200 audio and I'm having trouble getting the mic volume to behave. I had problems the last round too but of course by now I can't remember what I did to get it to work. The volume's so low that the graph thingy in Audacity is flat. Gaaah. Realtek takes over all the mic controls so you have to go through their Audio Manager instead of using the WinXP controls. *tears hair out*

  3. Managed to successfully edit an animated gif in Gimp yesterday and feel very proud of myself :p  Not used to working in layers (I use Irfanview for simple cropping & resizing, and Photofiltre for other image editing) but I looked at an online tutorial on how to create an animated gif and from there, managed to edit the one I had. Woohoo!

  4. Have been researching free mind-map software and comic strip generators for work. Comic strip generators all tend to be browser-based but there's quite an array of mind-mapping apps out there, both software and browser-based. I get excited when I see a good app that's both pretty and easy to use. *feels super geeky all of a sudden*

  5. In a shocking development, Erna, my friend and unofficial tech support for my only remaining self-hosted blog (as opposed to blogs like this one being hosted by Blogger) has switched to Movable Type. She kept extolling the wonders of Wordpress to me and scoffing at me for sticking to MT, which I've used since mid-2003. Well, she moved off WP, gave Expression Engine a try and is now running on MT. This amuses me greatly.


Caedmon said...

1) MT still exists? I thought WP ate them.

2) I never knew how geeky you were until skimming this blog. It's a whole new level. I like it. :P

Sunflower said...

MT still exists, yeah, although WP is much more popular. But I'm kinda biased against WP since people talk about it almost as if it's the God of blogging CMSes :p

I hide the geekiness really well. I've always been a closet geek, I thought you knew that!