Saturday, July 31, 2010

In lieu of a To-Do list: an I-Did list.

This week I researched:
  • Verbs used in Bloom's taxonomy. (I was setting an exam paper.)

  • Making inferences. (Apparently it's a reading skill that needs to be taught. Who knew?)

  • Weird laws all over the world. (It was connected to a text we read in class.)

  • Free presentation software. (Prezi is cool, but web-based -- you'll need to purchase the software to run it off your hard drive.)

  • Teenagers and their cellphone usage. (Had to come up with survey questions for a student research project.)

  • The efficacy of praise and compliments. (Write-up's on my official blog... no link. If you don't know the URL, ask me.)

  • Using comics to teach English. (In preparation for showing a bunch of workshop participants how to make a comic strip using an online comic strip generator.)

  • Techniques to be employed in the bedroom for maximum marital happiness. (Kind of an accident, I stumbled upon one article, and with the Web, one always leads to another...)

  • Mother Teresa's dark night of the soul. (Needed to reference it in a blog comment!)

  •'s Open Salon opportunity to write on the site. (Would bring more exposure but not sure how my stories would fit, as I'm not American. But damn, some good writing there.)

  • Copyright notices and Creative commons licences. (I really wanted to use that onion picture two posts ago.)
No wonder I feel like I've been going at breakneck pace all week. *pants*

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