Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lunchtime adventure

When I was preparing to go out for lunch with KW this afternoon, I thought, Hey! Why not wear one of those shoes that haven't seen the light of the day in awhile?

It seemed like a good idea till I had parked my car and was walking to the lunch venue. Then things started falling apart... literally.

I made it into the restaurant, found my table, and tried to inspect the shoes without looking like I was inspecting them -- especially as KW was already seated and waiting for me. With a sense of chagrin and reluctant amusement, I realised I'd never make it out of there in those shoes.

After lunch, a request for a plastic bag met with blank looks from the waiter, so I had to show him the shoes and explain why I wanted a bag. Of course I could have simply walked off and left them under the table, but I didn't think that'd be very nice! Meanwhile, KW was aghast at my intention to walk out of the place barefoot. But in my experience, if you do anything with aplomb and chutzpah, you can get away with a lot. No one will notice. If you act awkward, that's when you draw attention to yourself. Besides, I knew all the floor surfaces would be either tiled or cemented; the only somewhat rough surface to be negotiated would be the road.

At least now I have one less pair of shoes to feel guilty about not wearing!


BP said...

Check your shoe cupboard for other collapsibles 8-) And keep a pair of slippers in the car, just in case.

Sunflower said...

But I didn't know they were collapsible till I'd worn them for maybe 20 minutes! :p

Alpha Lim said...

I saw a girl walking into FOS, the other day, barefoot and with "aplomb and chutzpah". You're right. She looked like she meant to be doing it.

Of course, I saw her again later, elsewhere in the mall, with a pair of painfully new flip-flops on ;).