Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thirty thankful thoughts: The beginning

I sort of quit reading blogs three years ago (at about the same time that all my blogs died a sudden and most untimely death), but one of the very few bloggers that I still read on and off is John Scalzi. He's a science fiction writer -- I have some of his books but haven't read them, as is the case with 80% of my books :p

His blog is not about his books, however. At least, not primarily. I like it because when I read it, I get a glimpse of the person behind the books. In fact, I bought his books because of his blog: I thought, "This guy has a great sense of humour -- I bet his books must be interesting! I only wish I could write like he does!"

For the month of November, he's writing about the things he's grateful for -- focusing on one thing each day. Personally, I feel inspired after reading them, and think I might try something similar. I really, really wish I could write like him.


siehjin said...

Hey sis! I have his book "old man's war". It's pretty good! Would like to borrow whatever other boos of his u have.=)

Sunflower said...

Sure :D They are in a box somewhere in my current place. Let me move and unpack first... I can't even remember what titles I bought :p