Thursday, November 17, 2011

Colour conundrum

"Here, you can choose the pattern you want for the bathroom door." The contractor handed me what looked like a bar with several different coloured plastic squares.

As I stared at it, he said, "You don't need to decide now. In fact, you should probably decide on your wall and door colours first so that you can order a bathroom door that will match your general decor." Then he gave me the paint catalogue: A thousand shades.

A thousand!

"Choosing a shade of paint for the house is like trying to win the lottery," I joked to my colleague. "What if you finish painting and then decide you don't like the colour after all?!"

I want the living room to be a pale purple, my bedroom to be light blue and the rest of the house to be soft cream.

Me: "Do you have any colour preference for your room?"

Mr TDH: "Anything is fine by me."

Me: "Okay, I'll paint your room pink."

Mr TDH: "I'm moving out!"


MKeukert said...

I had a blue bedroom once and LOVED it!

YeePei said...

If Mr TDH ends up living in a pink room, I promise to visit within a year of you guys moving in. If he lives in a fluorescent pink one, then I'll visit sooner... :D :D

jeyadev said...

I promise to paint YOU pink, YP!

YeePei said...

Now now, if I didn't know better, I'd have thought Mr TDH doesn't want me to visit...

*sob in a corner*

Sunflower said...

You had BETTER come! I will even cook for you! xD

YeePei said...

Between the sunflower's cooking and Mr TDH's painting me pink... would anyone with sense actually visit? Heehee... j/k

(Thankfully I have no sense)

When is the place ready, my dear sunflower?

Sunflower said...

Should be ready by end of Dec barring unforeseen delays... but definitely by end of Jan :)