Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Price tags speaketh louder than words

The most expensive thing in my new apartment will be the custom-made 12' x 8' bookcase, which is estimated to cost RM3,200. The second most expensive thing is my new queen-sized mattress, which cost RM2,500. I think you can see where my priorities lie :p


peiling said...

I waaaant!! I need a new bookshelf too! Pictures pls? :)

(Yes, I've been silently reading)

Caedmon Michael said...

The only expensive furniture item in my home is my bed, which I purchased new for US$1400. Everything else (seating, multiple bookcases, big writing desk, wingback reading chair) were found or given at no cost.

Sunflower said...

Pei Ling: Still in the process! It will only be finished sometime next month, hopefully before CNY. The carpenter's working on it :p

Caedmon: You are truly blessed :)