Thursday, December 29, 2011

We must not forget

Despite having lived for seven years without a credit card, I find myself easily slipping back into the "swiping" lifestyle: didn't bring enough cash? No problem! Swipe! And it's so, so, so dangerous.

Lessons learned must stay learned, or I shall return to my trusty debit card and spurn credit once again. I feel like I've been on a crazy shopping spree in the last half of this year. But it's all for the apartment... so I think (hope?) things will settle down to normalcy again in a month or so. Or else!


Caedmon said...

I don't overspend in December - I overspend in January!

It happens every year. I stay in my budget for Christmas shopping, but then at Christmas I receive all sorts of stuff and enjoy it. Much of the stuff includes gift cards, prompting me to go out and spend "free money." Then there's the stuff I have to exchange because it doesn't fit. Then there's all the clearances on stuff I know I need that are too good to pass up...

Next thing I know (and the retailers know I'm going to do this) I've spent twice as much money as I planned and I'm stuck on this railroad off buying as entertainment. It takes hard work to put that card back away and go back to sane, budget-based spending.

Sunflower said...

I don't have Christmas shopping, so I usually don't need to worry about overspending in December ;) And since I don't get presents (usually only one, from my best friend), I also don't have to worry about overspending in January :D

Caedmon said...

Bah. Go back to your bookshelves.


I think I'm finally off the kick, which is good, because I am also out of money. I spent the last 'extra' on a nice winter jacket, promising myself I will give away my other nice winter jackets to people in need.