Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Gettin' back into the swing of things

I bought a paper-cutter. Yep, you read that right. A paper-cutter.

I've always wanted one. Useful for papercrafts, even if I've hardly done any for yonks. Easier to slice through card rather than painstakingly take a pair of scissors to it (and not have the cut come out straight) or have to run a pen-knife through the card several times because it's so thick. But I kept telling myself: no, this is just a want. No, you're not getting one. Not right now, anyway.

Yesterday, however! I was in a bookstore and I saw this WONDERFUL contraption. It not only cuts, it can create perforations for you to make a tear-off slip, and it can also do a wavy decorative cut so your paper has a pretty edge! Plus it can help you to create folds instead of totally cutting through the paper. Wow!

I bet you didn't know I love gadgets. I love hardware stores and still think a hammer drill is pretty cool. But for the fact I know I'll probably only use it twice in my lifetime, I might have bought one already.

Anyway, getting back to the paper cutter... it's this one. Shiiiiinyy.

How much did it cost, you ask? *gulp*  That little baby came with a most lovely pricetag of RM175. But it was worth it! And I will use it! I just got a huge-ass L-shaped desk (6' x 5') and have designated one arm (leg?) of the L for papercrafts and painting. That is to be my ART space. Sacred. ;)

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