Sunday, July 17, 2011

The reasoning

I never did explain why I want a chaise lounge so much: it's going to be the place where I curl up to read, my personal hangout spot (not that the whole apartment wouldn't be that, but this will be special, you see?). I've never had that in any place I've ever stayed. Most of the time I lie in bed to read, but it's not really the most comfortable position -- and not good for the eyes, or so they say. So I'm going to have a spot where I can lounge in comfort and read, with a reading lamp peeking over my shoulder to illuminate the words on the page.

I was inspired by a picture in a book, which I surreptitiously took a photo of using my iPod Touch, and forgot to note the name of the book itself. Things like that irk me, they make me feel that my blog post is not complete. "Attribution! Attribution!" my inner OCD journalist-cum-academic yells at me. Blimey!

No one is going to spend as much time in the apartment as I am, and frankly, I don't really expect many visitors, being as that it's on the 5th floor and there's no lift ;)  So I figure I shall furnish the place for myself, and if that means a chaise lounge instead of a sofa (because there probably isn't room for both), then so be it.

I'm also considering a small aquarium, to have something that's alive around me. Why fish? Easy to care for, although you can't really have a relationship with them like you can with a dog; but practical for an apartment, and I figure I can choose pretty fish which will double up as decor and make me feel happy when I see them. But in a strange way, even though they're just going to be swimming around in their tank, they'll be a reason for me to go home, and I think will make me feel like I'm not going back to an empty apartment where there's nobody to care whether I'm there or not.

Or maybe I'll get a hamster. Just because they're cute :p

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