Friday, July 15, 2011

Long live practicality

I spent some time looking at interior design books in MPH a few weeks ago, and it was dangerous, because -- ah, me! -- how would a normal person like me ever able to afford a house and furniture like that? But more, I doubt I'm ever going to be the kind of person to have a picture-perfect home like that, because for one thing, um... well. My home would probably look more "lived in" than "showcase" :p

There is a lot more of my parents in me than I ever realised, which I discovered when I visited IKEA recently. There are a lot of pretty things which are simply impractical and would gather too much dust: take this Fillsta ceiling lamp, for example.

Image from

So I found myself walking around and thinking, "Oooh, interesting design, pity about the dust... so pretty, but ugh, dust... that one, hmm, dust..."

It's a bit scary, come to think of it.

At 33 I guess practicality has begun to win out over aesthetics, and even over vanity(!). So although open bookshelves have more character, I'd rather have glass doors to keep the dust out; and knickknacks, well, I can hear my mom's voice in my head saying, "They just sit there and gather dust." I like having little touches and decorative items here and there, but I know I'm not the type to dust every week... If I were rich, I suppose I'd compromise and hire a maid to do the dusting for me!

Growing up does suck sometimes :p

It's easy to tell yourself you'll only buy things you really like for the home. Then you find out that the glass-topped dining table you really like costs RM1,250, and the 5ft x 5ft L-shaped study desk won't fit in your room no matter which way you try to position it. But never mind, I shall have my CHAISE LOUNGE and my BEANBAGS. Take that, life! Nyah nyah nyah!!!


BP said...

Wow. So this is the IKEA blog now. And welcome back to the blogosphere.

Sunflower said...

Nooooo it's never going to be an IKEA blog! I think IKEA's stuff is pretty poor quality for the price, although some of the designs are really good.