Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hiding behind a smokescreen

I am utterly crap at bargaining, a fact which was first brought to my attention when I went to Bali some years ago. It isn't so surprising when you remember I don't like confrontation, and although bargaining might be friendly it is still a form of confrontation. I have a lot of trouble standing my ground when a) I really like & want the item, b) I'm not sure whether I'm in the right to demand the price I'd like, and c) the salesperson/store owner is trying to wear me down with persuasiveness and aggressive sales tactics.

In fact, I have issues with sales people, period. I know it is a problem but I really feel bad saying no to them... although I know, intellectually, that they are trained and prepared for the fact that someone might say no. I even feel bad when I try on clothes and nothing fits or looks nice, and then have to tell the saleslady that I don't want any of the 5 items I brought into the dressing room with me!

Imagine how much worse it is when the salesperson is pushy and aggressive and, well, you get the picture...

Anyway. So in all this shopping for furniture, I, um... just happened to invent an imaginary husband. The first time the salesperson kept pressing me to make a decision on the spot, I blurted out, "I have to consult my husband first," and it's been a very useful way of escaping whenever they get a bit too aggressive for me to handle. I wonder what the future hubby, whoever he is, will think of this when he finds out! I feel like a bit of a coward :-\

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