Thursday, April 10, 2014

I is for Introvert

Nobody ever believes me when I say I'm an introvert.

Okay, okay, that was a wild exaggeration. MOST people don't believe me when I say I'm an introvert.

Because I'm social! I like people! And I go out to meet them!

But they don't notice I only go out to meet certain people, really. In small groups. And am usually the observer. Or, in a one-to-one situation, the listener.

And they don't notice that I sometimes disappear in the middle of social events. You know what's a godsend for an introvert? The washroom. Yes, I said it. You can lock yourself in a cubicle to take time out from everyone, and no one will bother you there. It's the one place in the whole building where you can retreat to and be guaranteed complete solitude.

Sure, some other people might enter and stand at the sink area talking loudly to each other. But you, you will be hidden in a cocoon from everyone's view, and be in a blissful bubble of your own.

Unless, of course, the washroom stinks. Which quite often is true of public restrooms in Malaysia, alas. Then the bubble isn't so blissful.

But it's still a bubble.

A place where I can take some time to collect myself and fortify myself before I need to go out there and face The Masses again. Where I can stare at my cellphone without anyone digging me in the ribs and labelling me anti-social. Where I can breathe.

And the other thing about being an introvert! I like my personal space. Quit trying to get in my personal space and make me talk! Yes, I'm referring to you, hairstylists, and also to you, cabbies! It's nice that you're being all friendly and chatty and all, but when I go to a salon, I really just wanna get a haircut and get out of there. And when I get in a cab, I really just wanna arrive at my destination and get out of the vehicle. I do not want to talk about the weather. I do not want to talk about politics. And I definitely do not need any advice on how to snare a man!

Sheesh, now I sound like a crabby old woman. And I'm only 36.


Anonymous said...

From the bloggers I've been reading, it appears many of us are introverts - either the kind who have a (manageable) social side or who live primarily a solitary existence. I think I would be the latter, but realize social interaction is healthy, so I strive for some of that, but it is always harder than being alone.

Caedmon Michael said...

I've never understood hair stylists wanting to make conversation. If I'm talking, my head is moving, thus giving you a moving target. I would prefer to remain still and not lose a chunk of ear or come home to a lop-sided cut. If I want someone to talk to, I'll see a priest. Or a bartender.

Mary Hill said...

Hi, we have something in common for sure. I am an Introvert too. ;) You are doing great on the A to Z Challenge. I am stopping by as one of the minions with the co-host, Pam's Unconventional Alliance.

Keep up the good work.

Mary-andering Creatively

Mary-andering Among the Pages

I.L. Wolf said...

I think I can be both social and antisocial. I never thought I'd like all this commenting, but it turns out I do. It's a nice way to have interaction without it getting exhausting.

Click said...

I can totally relate to this, apart from the whole going out in social situations thing. I always have to psyche myself up to going out, particularly if I've been in beforehand. Of course I always enjoy myself once I'm there but I like to have a bit of an escape, like the loos, to give myself a chance to recharge my batteries.

Visiting through the A to Z Challenge. :-)