Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sniffing about on Twitter

Over at @The_Millions on Twitter, doggie book puns are abounding. I am horrible at puns (as you can see by the post title), and not particularly fond of dogs, but I know some of you are dog lovers, and these are too good not to share:

@The_Millions: Hey, did you read that new book about dachshunds? ...It's a long story.

@kasmsod: Yeah, but I felt the plot kind of slumped in the middle though.

@HelenMcClory: I read that one on Dalmatians. It was spotty, at best.

@briantedjones: I didn't care for the one about poodles. Mostly fluff.

@shitdaysuckcity: The one on Rhodesian Ridgebacks was spine tingling.

@JoeySavitz: I raced through the one about Greyhounds. Quick read though, to be fair.

@zackauthor: Read a good one about retrievers recently...quite fetching, but also a tad repetitive.

@FridaAbsinthe: The wolfhounds one was never finished, of course, but the idea really had legs

@tidytacos: I dug the one about terriers.

@filt: The one about huskies didn't sit well with me. The one on lap dogs did, though.

@caleb_crain & @peterterzian: I love the one about pugs. There's a really good twist at the end.

@TheKateDebate: What about the one about American Eskimo? It had its moments but it left me cold

@FFnE_Design: read the one about Boxers, knocked me out!

@sevenbil: I expected the one on guard dogs to hold me captive, but it just bites.

@Weintrouble17: I like the one about the dachshund but the main character was such a weiner.

@poetryforsupper: The one about the setter was just my type.

@mackgelber: That one about the rabid dingo had me foaming at the mouth.

@antonio_lanza: No bones about it, I liked the one about the pug but the story had too many wrinkles.

@baynardwoods: the one about mutts was a mixed bag.

@FoxInWolfs: I loved the one about Grey Hounds - just felt like it went by too fast...

@geriellen: the pit bull story had a real bite.

@LiamSeanORourke: I found the research on the latest book about Dalmatians to be rather spotty.

@LiamSeanORourke: I always read the one about the French bulldog when I'm in the mood for a short tale.

@StevenGripp: The one about Great Danes was a real heavy read.

@StevenGripp: but the one about St. Bernards saved my life

@filt: I was apprehensive to the pitbull one but it turned out to have a certain bite to it.

@JoeySavitz: I found the one about St. Bernards intoxicating!

@dashdidntdoit: The one about the German Shepherds wasn't something I would sink my teeth into

@Jen_Hand: I found the Saint Bernard's tale beatific...

@heyjcjc:That bit about retrievers kept me coming back, again and again.

@twochiwawa: Chinese Crested's autobiography sniffed out the naked truth.

@buddydean: Did you read the one about the French Bulldog? There were too many fart jokes.

@SteveHimmer: I tried the one about Lundehunds, but it was a puffin piece.


BP said...

Amazing. Mining all that from all those Twitter feeds. What's your secret?

Sunflower said...

It started with The Millions' first tweet, and all of them replied to it with "@The_Millions"... so they werent exactly hard to find. Especially since The Millions had retweeted about two-thirds of them :p (after I posted, the rest also got retweeted)