Wednesday, February 15, 2012


By René Gruau

I love this image, which I saw on another blog. I'm not a minimalist type of person but I'm in awe at how much the artist (René Gruau) managed to convey with so little. The brush strokes look so rough, almost careless, but clearly have been carefully controlled and placed exactly so. Even better, the result is so elegant.

It's not the sort of art I'd choose to hang in my home, but it captured my imagination. So many of the messages we receive every day as we walk around and interact with the world are unspoken and unseen, some even unconscious. It reminds me that the mind is a fascinating thing.


Caedmon Michael said...

I would totally put this on my wall. I'd also put it on my shoulder blade. It would make a great tattoo!

Sunflower said...

It would, wouldn't it? :D