Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One for the books

What a day!

Arrived at the office at 6:40am, definitely a record!

Received gifts from two students who just came back from holiday. (Neither gift was edible.)

Celebrated colleague's birthday at staff meeting and had yummy cake.

Forgot appointment with thesis supervisor. Had to postpone.

Got stuck in the lift at work whilst on the way down to go home -- and I was alone! Another first; have never been stuck in a lift before. Funnily enough I was more amused than panicked. Perhaps because it was the office and I was pretty sure our security / maintenance guys would be on it pronto; I've seen them respond to other minor emergencies before. Also had network coverage on my cellphone, so was able to call a colleague in case no one responded to the alarm bell!

Asked the workshop guys to take a look at my car tyre, which seemed to be slightly flat. I was right, it was flat, and they discovered a nail embedded in the thing!

Was in and out of a shopping mall within an hour: another record! Hey, if you're going to go through all the hassle of finding parking and so on, you might as well maximise your time there. But I had to rush off...

To wait an hour for a lorry that never showed up.

Then navigated myself into unfamiliar territory to meet up with someone, because of the lorry no-show.

Finally managed to have dinner at 10pm (I was so hungry!). The stall owner saw me painstakingly removing all the spring onions, and offered to replace my dish! "I didn't know you didn't want any," he said. Another record! I was abashed; I hadn't asked him to leave them out, after all, so it was my own fault!

Let's hope the rest of the week is relatively uneventful. One day like this is enough to last me seven days!

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