Thursday, January 12, 2012

Add it to the "Want" list

Me: "I kind of want a hammer drill."

Mr TDH: "Uh... what brought this on?"

Me: "I started coveting when I watched the contractor's guys at work. Isn't it cool? And handy? But of course I'd hardly have need of it..."

Mr TDH: "I cannot believe I'm discussing a hammer drill with a woman. Okay, I'm blogging this!"

Me: "Haha, go ahead. As for discussing it with a woman, so sexist la you..."

Mr TDH: "Me? Sexist? YOU try discussing hammer drills with your galpals!"

Me: "I don't think any of my galpals even know what a hammer drill is, except maybe J."

Mr TDH: "See! I'm not being sexist!"

Me: "The carpenter has an Indonesian lady helper who knows how to use a hammer drill. So there."

Mr TDH: "Nope, that's not fair. She HAS to know, just like you have to know what an adverb is. That doesn't count."

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