Saturday, January 16, 2016

Why I hate small talk

When people ask me what I do on weekends, I never know what to say. Doesn't everybody -- or all the singles, at least -- do the same thing over the weekend? Which, in case you don't know, is "not much". Hey, weekends are meant for relaxation and recuperating from the rigorous demands of the work week, man.

But since "not much" isn't a socially acceptable statement, we usually blather things like, "hang out with friends, do house chores, watch a movie, go shopping, catch up on sleep, watch tv..." (or, when it comes to me, "read"). Some of which are truer on certain weekends than others.

I'm pretty sure these are most people's standard answers. But when I rattle off this litany, I feel like the most boring person on the face of the earth. I need to get creative with my answers. "Oh, weekends? The usual, you know... abseiling and sky-diving..."

1 comment:

siehjin said...

"The same thing we do every weekend..."

*dramatic pause*

"Try to take over the world!!!"