Monday, December 23, 2013

The beauty of the ordinary

Got this off Facebook; it's a poem by William Martin.

I've been redefining what I think of the word 'normal' lately. When I watch my little nephew grow, I feel thankful that he's so normal, i.e. developing at a normal pace, doing all the normal things babies his age do. Because, you know, in a child, when something is not normal, it's usually not a good sign...!

So I'm coming to see that it is good to be normal and ordinary. I always thought 'normal' and 'ordinary' meant boring, and that it was not desirable to be normal and ordinary. As Brené Brown said in this video, "Somehow, in the world we live in today, an ordinary life has become synonymous with a meaningless life... it's been very clear to me that extraordinary means relevant." But that's such a fallacy, isn't it?

In interacting with my little nephew, I've decided that I'll never lament about being ordinary again. In fact, I should rejoice in being normal and ordinary. God is in the normal and ordinary.

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