Sunday, May 26, 2013

I do believe it's a library I have

This is from an old blog that is no longer online. I had the archives in HTML and wanted to see the list properly, so I needed somewhere to post this. It's a list of all the books I own on the subject of writing. These books are all in a box in my uncle's basement, but I wanted to check which titles I already have.

  1. Beyond The Words -- The Three Untapped Sources of Creative Fulfillment For Writers (Bonni Goldberg)
  2. Bird By Bird -- Some Instructions On Writing And Life (Anne Lamott)
  3. Chicken Soup For The Writer's Soul -- Stories To Open The Heart & Rekindle The Spirit Of Writers
  4. Escaping Into The Open -- The Art Of Writing True (Elizabeth Berg)
  5. Finding Your Writer's Voice -- A Guide To Creative Fiction (Thaisa Frank & Dorothy Wall)
  6. How Not To Write -- The Essential Misrules Of Grammar (William Safire)
  7. How To Write Funny -- Add Humour To Every Kind of Writing (edited by John B. Kachuba)
  8. I'd Rather Be Writing (Marcia Golub)
  9. If You Want To Write -- A Book About Art, Independence & Spirit (Brenda Ueland)
  10. Indirections For Those Who Want To Write (Sidney Cox)
  11. Language On A Leash (Bruce O. Boston)
  12. One Continuous Mistake -- Four Noble Truths For Writers (Gail Sher)
  13. On Writing -- A Memoir Of The Craft (Stephen King)
  14. On Writing Well -- An Informal Guide To Writing Non-Fiction (William Zinsser)
  15. Panning For Gold In The Kitchen Sink -- Everyday Creative Writing (Michael C. Smith & Suzanne Greenberg)
  16. Pen On Fire -- A Busy Woman's Guide To Igniting The Writer Within (Barbara DeMarco-Barrett)
  17. Surviving A Writer's Life (Suzanne Lipsett)
  18. Take Joy -- A Book For Writers (Jane Yolen)
  19. The 38 Most Common Fiction Writing Mistakes -- And How To Avoid Them (Jack M. Bickham)
  20. The Art & Craft Of The Short Story (Rick DeMarinis)
  21. The Art Of Fiction (David Lodge)
  22. The Borzoi Handbook For Writers
  23. The Courage To Write -- How Writers Transcend Fear (Ralph Keyes)
  24. The Forest For The Trees -- An Editor's Advice To Writers (Betsy Lerner)
  25. The Modern Library Writer's Workshop -- A Guide To The Craft Of Fiction (Stephen Koch)
  26. The Pen Commandments -- A Guide For The Beginning Writer (Steven Frank)
  27. The Right To Write -- An Invitation & Initiation Into The Writing Life (Julia Cameron)
  28. The Writer On Her Work (Vol 1) (Edited by Janet Sternburg)
  29. The Writer's Idea Book -- How To Develop Great Ideas For Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry & Screenplays (Jack Heffrom)
  30. What If? -- Writing Exercises For Fiction Authors (Anne Bernays & Pamela Painter)
  31. Why I Write -- Thoughts On The Craft Of Fiction (edited by Will Blythe)
  32. Wild Mind -- Living The Writer's Life (Natalie Goldberg)
  33. Words Fail Me -- What Everyone Who Writes Should Know About Writing (Patricia T. O'Connor)
  34. Writers [On Writing] -- Collected Essays From The New York Times
  35. Writing Down The Bones -- Freeing The Writer Within (Natalie Goldberg)
  36. Writing From The Inside Out -- Transforming Your Psychological Blocks To Release The Writer Within (Dennis Palumbo)
  37. Writing Past Dark -- Envy, Fear, Distraction, And Other Dilemmas In The Writer's Life (Bonnie Friedman)
  38. Writing With Style -- Conversations On The Art Of Writing (John R. Trimble)

Since 2006, I have added these books:

  1. How Not To Write A Novel -- 200 Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs If You Ever Want To Get Published (Sandra Newman & Howard Mittelmark
  2. Escaping into the Open -- The Art Of Writing True (Elizabeth Berg)
  3. The Weekend Novelist -- A Dynamic 52-Week Program To Help You Produce A Novel... One Weekend At A Time (Robert J. Ray & Bret Norris)
  4. How To Write Like Chekov -- Advice and Inspiration, Straight From His Own Letters And Work (ed. Piero Brunello & Lena LenĨek)
  5. The Lie That Tells A Truth -- A Guide To Writing Fiction (John Dufresne) Birthday gift from my dad in 2008, with the inscription, "Hope this book would help to make you a great writer!"
  6. Stein On Writing -- A Master Editor Of Some Of The Most Successful Writers Of Our Century Shares His Craft Techniques And Strategies (Sol Stein)
  7. Crafting Novels & Short Stories -- The Complete Guide To Writing Great Fiction From The Editors Of Writer's Digest (ed. Melissa Wuske)

I just saw that #2 in the new list duplicates #4 in the old list. Aaaaand... FOURTY-FOUR books on writing? FOURTY-FOUR?! Clearly I need help.

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